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Need Help On Immigration Issue

California Republican Party, need help on Immigration issue:


TO: Tony Dolz and other California Republicans, I’m willing to learn. I understand the very potent, “What don’t they understand about the word illegal.” However, if there are a limited number of jobs in the economy which illegals take, how has the labor force risen from 51 million workers in 1950 to over 155, million today. Since the BLS reports only 4.7% (1.4% California) of U.S workers earn the minimum wage, typically for less than one year, it’s possible their initial wages are depressed, but logic would indicate the other 95% of 155 million benefit from the lower prices and a higher standard of living than otherwise would be the case. But what gives me the biggest problem since I collect SS is the world birth rate is plummeting at the greatest rate in history and 10,000 baby boomers retire every day in the U.S. according to PEW Research. Since all employers are terrified of the IRS they collect payroll taxes from the overwhelming majority of illegals (other than street corner day-workers). It is reported without the 12 million large-family illegals paying taxes, today’s retirees like me won’t get their Social Security checks for long. Anyone who has persuasive answers – HELP!

Reprehensible Record

Bob Royden commented
Bob wrote: When You’re the last guy in California to still call Ali, Cassius Clay; YOU may be a Racist. Sorry to be the one to tell you.Bernie Palmatier Right on, Bob, riiiiighhhttt onnnnnn….

Bob Royden & Bernie Palmatier, your despicable Democrat talking points are reprehensible. You picked the wrong person to call a “Racist.” Not only do I have a sister-in-law and brother-in-law that are Black and Hispanic and nieces, but I was the first City Councilman to have a Black Chief of Staff. Additionally, I raised enough money to bring Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams to address the city council. Clarence Pendleton, Chairman of the Civil Rights Commission credited me for his seeing the light and becoming a Republican. You Bob and Bernie, however, “voluntarily” joined the Democrat Party which no one disputes has a record of being the most racist organization in U.S. history, not even including its sub-committee, the Ku Klux Klan and its own despicable record of lynching Blacks.  The Democrat Party may have consigned its own history down the Orwellian memory hole, and you two can run, you can hide, but you cannot escape from your history. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memory_hole)  People interested can find documentation in Romancing The Voters, Chapter 14. http://www.smashwords.com/book/view/302807

Has the government shut down?

  1. Fred Schnaubelt shared Fox News‘s photo.

How many times has the government shut down in the past? Since 1977, there have been 17 shutdowns, according to the Congressional Research Service. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2013/09/29/questions-and-answers-about-the-sh…utdown/2888419/
Dean: Non-budgetary is an interesting parsing of words.
During the Ford and Carter administrations, there were 6 partial government shutdowns that affected only the departments of Labor and Health, Education, and Welfare. These partial shutdowns lasted from 8 to 18 days and the primary issue of dispute was federal funding for abortion.

During the Reagan administration, there were 8 full government shutdowns that lasted only 1 to 3 days apiece, primarily over the issue of the United States budget deficit. There was a similar 4-day shutdown during the first Bush administration.
During the Clinton administration, after conservatives made massive congressional gains in the 1994 Republican Revolution, there were two full government shutdowns lasting 5 and 21 days apiece, the second of which was by far the longest of its kind to that date. The primary issue was again the United States budget deficit.
The United States federal government shutdown of 2013 is ongoing, having begun on 1 October 2013. The primary issue of dispute between the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and the Democrat-controlled Senate (the latter supported by President Obama) is the Republicans’ desire to delay implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

“This Republican shutdown did not have to happen … They’ve shut down the government over an ideological crusade to deny affordable health insurance to millions of Americans. In other words, they demanded ransom just for doing their job.” -President Obama addresses the partial government shutdown in the Rose Garden. Watch his full remarks: http://tinyurl.com/n2qmntr


Unconstitutional ?

Dear Editor Union-Tribune (9/23/13)

Jack V. Cohen makes some interesting points under the headline, “Tea Party Strategy is Unconstitutional”  (U-T Letters 9/22/13).  He asseverates “The constitutional process is to elect a majority of representatives who can pass a particular political agenda.”

First, so-called Obamacare has no Constitutional legitimacy. Its 2,700 pages were passed into law with not a single representative having read it.  Recall, Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to pass it to know what’s in it.” Glenn Hubbard & Tim Kane in their new book, Balance, point out the framers did not believe the government had authority to grant rights. They recognized governments incessantly try to curb rights.  Hence, the Bill of Rights misnomer,  which is a series of prohibitions against the government.  The Tea Party is defending the Constitution when few others will do so.

Second, The Congress is out of control borrowing trillions of dollars that are economically impossible to pay back, even by our children and grandchildren, variously estimated at $68 trillion to $200 trillion when fully accounting for the full off-budget items. The Tea Party is yelling, Stop!

Third, The electoral process is broken and gamed by Democrats and Republicans through Gerrymandering, whereby in Elections typically less than 60% of Registered Voters turnout, whereby President Obama only received only 31% approval from those registered to vote (VEP), and where local candidates receive 5% to 27% from those registered to vote.  This can hardly be considered  majority voting.  One Senator represents about 19 million people in California but only 288,000 in Wyoming, which also makes it hard to contend that voting is equal representation or majority vote.  Furthermore, the founders intentionally implanted gridlock, or “checks and balances” in the Constitution in order to “pit ambition against ambition,” with the purpose of intentionally “holding the government hostage,” against unconstitutional misadventures. The Tea party simply is holding politicians to their “Oath of Office.”

Fred Schnaubelt, San Diego



Tea party strategy is unconstitutional, By Jack V. Cohen  (U-T 9/22/13) Tea party members of Congress profess to be loyal Americans who cherish the Constitution. Yet at every turn, a few members of the House of Representatives act in a manner that flies in the face of the very process they profess to cherish.

Tea party members in Congress are so focused on derailing health care reform that they are willing to circumvent the elective process in favor of getting Obamacare anyway they can.

Let’s be clear, health care reform has issues. The constitutional process is to elect a majority of representatives who can pass a particular political agenda. Instead, a few members of Congress are willing to hold the government and citizens hostage to a political ideology.

The governing process is supposed to be adversarial — to a point. When a majority of one political persuasion exists, that majority controls the political agenda. If the opposition is so intent on changing the agenda, then work hard to elect a majority of candidates with a similar view.

Holding the government hostage flies in the face of defending the Constitution. If you want change, do it at the ballot box instead of at the barrel of a political gun.  Jack V. Cohen, San Diego