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Test Your Political IQ

Test Your Political IQ
Are you embarrassed when your friends know these answers and you don’t?
Now you can know more than your associates, reporters and politicians.

(Compare your knowledge before and after reading this book)


 Do You Know?

No President since 1904 has received a majority vote from the Voter Eligible Population (aka Registered Voters)?


When Bill Gates walks into McDonalds, according to “the rich get richer,”  everyone present is instantly a billionaire?


That some local elected officials can  win a Primary Election with fewer than 5% of the VEP?


Why liberals and conservatives think differently?


Newspapers don’t print the truth, they print what people say? (So says an L.A. Times Reporter)

Do you know why government employees do not pay any income taxes?

Waste and Fraud will never go away because the money spent is a lot of voters’ or contributors’ income?


A 2003 study by Scotland Yard reported six times as many murders by knives as by guns in England?


You’re 11-times more likely to be shot accidentally by a policeman than an armed citizen?

Many of the reports of “children” killed by guns are due to juvenile gang members killing other juvenile gang members.

The Death Penalty is an absolute deterrent to murder?


Why TEA PARTY members are so hated and vilified?

Most taxpayers do not “ask” for government services for which they are unwilling to be taxed? (And who does?)

Why everyone in Zimbabwe is a billionaire?


Why America is Rich?


The top 3% of income tax filers pay more than the other 97%?


That there are 6 measures of unemployment, U-1 to U-6, and why U-3 is used?

Less than 5% of the workforce is paid the minimum wage and only 1% received it for more than 3 years?

Why when you retire, the government won’t pay your social security benefits in one lump sum?

One result of raising the “learning wage” (minimum wage) – is millions of idle, restless teenagers having time for mischief.


The price of gasoline “adjusted for inflation in 1919” was $3.84 per gallon; In 2012, it was 29 cents less than in 1918?


Why the Democrat Party has been the “party of the rich” for decades?


Why the government’s Bread and Circuses ended in ancient Rome?


How oil speculation benefits you and society as a whole?


Martin Luther King was a Republican and Why?


EXTRA: How the rules determine the outcome of any contest?

Hint: In basketball make everyone play in high heels.


Find the answers in Romancing The Voters

About the Author

Hi, I’m Fred,
At my age, I’m thinking ahead and want to go peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather and not screaming like the passengers in his car.
I was born in San Diego and for 50 years (since age 21) struggled to find the best answers to recurring political issues.
So, I’m sharing, while still able, these political nuggets gleaned from researching over 500 books on the most persuasive responses to political issues that never seem to go away.
I would have loved to have a short reference guide like this when I was on the San Diego City Council to respond quickly to these issues when they repeatedly pop up every couple of years; some of which I never heard of before being elected.
I grew up in Casa de Oro (East San Diego County). My family moved and I graduated from Pt. Loma High in 1958. I joined a family cleaning business and in 1968 became a commercial real estate broker. I got ticked off at the government, ran and was elected to the San Diego City Council in 1977 where I served only one term as promised.  I have two adult children and have been married 3 times, most recently in 1987 in Moscow, Russia (USSR) to Dr. Irina Antonova.
I need your help in forwarding your comments about the book to your friends or putting them on Facebook in order to reach politicians, Tea Party members and political junkies across the country (and BTW reach my publisher’s goal of 10,000 sales).  Please note these issues are intended to be the more controversial ones and this Handbook is for providing you with more than “Bumper Sticker” responses to important topics of the day. (Look for 15 more issues in 2014).

(Compare your knowledge before and after reading this book)

Tea Party Hand Book

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I am indebted to the following whose writings/teachings have contributed mightily to the political issues addressed in this Handbook. This book is designed to give you more than a “Bumper Sticker” response to some major issues of the day, and test the things you know, or think you know, or believe are right, and determine if your learning has been superficial.

The art of political Cross Dressing is using your adversary’s own talking points against him or her. It is vitally important to learn both sides of various issues to avoid being blind-sided by irrational outbursts. We all hold contradictory beliefs – we understand the meaning of words differently – You can use this to your advantage. This Handbook is a brief compilation of some of the most persuasive responses to numerous political issues, taken from over 500 books over a 50-year period, issues which appear year after year in the press and friendly discussions. Best part: You do not have to read all 500 books to get the most coent nuggets.


Romancing The Voters

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Democracy and Majority Vote Not What You Think

Despite a very long Romance with the voters “Democracy” simply means majority rule — for good or bad. No U.S. President or Congress has ever represented the majority of the people, and, almost never more than a third.

Chapter 2

Liberals and Conservatives Think Differently

A curious thing about political opinions is how often the same people line up on opposite sides of different issues.

Chapter 3

Gun Ignorance

About guns, we only know a fraction of what there is to know, more is unknown than known, and most of it wrong.

Chapter 4

Death Penalty

My father was shot in the chest during a 1976 holdup in Dallas by a former employee on parole for murder.

Chapter 5

Bread and Circuses–Is ‘Tea Party’ rooted in ancient Rome?

The world is moved by men of principle. Sad to say, many people fear men and women of principle.

Chapter 6

Why Is America Rich?

Americans are richer today in most ways than were kings and queens, princes and potentates historically.

Chapter 7

Media Ignore Individuals in Gap between Rich and Poor

When billionaire Bill Gates walks into McDonald’s, the “average income” of all skyrockets to more than $1 billion.

Chapter 8

Increasing Minimum Wage Would Generate Adverse Result

Those calling for raising the “learning wage” to $9.00 declare even this is not enough to live on, why the hypocrisy?

Chapter 9

The 47 percent Who Don’t Pay Taxes

The Democratic Party has been the “party of the rich” for decades, led by rich media manipulators.

Chapter 10

The Gap Between Ignorance, Misinformation, Disinformation

“A cause of many of our mistakes and problems is ignorance —ignorance of the facts about the rest of the world.”

Chapter 11

What Is the Purpose of Taxes in Your City?

Professional sports fans said heck, if you’re gonna subsidize the arts we want our share of the fishes and the loaves.

Chapter 12

Kill the Oil Speculators

When speculators acquire oil supplies they perform a public service, even if unintentional

Chapter 13

Oil Finite But Inexhaustible

The sun is finite; the sun’s energy is undeniably inexhaustible. Oil, like the sun, is finite and inexhaustible.

Chapter 14

Why Martin Luther King was a Republican

“The Democrat Party, from inception ‘til 1964 was the party of slavery, secession and segregation.” Rev. Perryman

Chapter 15

Ronald Reagan Carries a Message to Garcia

Ronald Reagan’s wife pleaded with him not to make her go to another insufferable political event. So he…