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Answer to Minimum Wage Strikers

All political power derives from what you can do to or for someone!

Yesterday, supposed Minimum Wage workers conducted “one-day strikes” in 7 cities, primarily at fast food restaurants, i.e., McDonald’s, Burger King, Dominoes, Taco Bell, and stores such as Wal-Mart. The strikers are asking for a doubling of the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $15.00.  The President wants $9.00 per hour, Nancy Pelosi $10.10, Elizabeth Warren $22.00 and New York Labor unions $35.00.

How do you respond to such issues?

You can find the answers in Romancing The Voters, New Talking Points for conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, and TEA Party members. It’s a handbook for those who don’t have time to research political issues in depth and want more political power, to be more influential and more effective in countering much nonsense reported in the media.

“Newspapers don’t  print the truth, they print what people say.” Rick Paddock, L.A. Times 

Last Friday I was approached by a liberal bemoaning the minimum wage.  He was outraged that Wal-Mart does not pay a “living wage.”  I asked him why 3,000 or more people apply for Wal-Mart jobs whenever they open a new store with only 300 positions to fill. In Chicago Wal-Mart received 25,000 applications — prima facie evidence that Wal-Mart is over paying for the jobs it offers.  He said there was a shortage of jobs in the country — as if that was an answer.

How many of you are aware of how few people are paid the minimum wage?

In Romancing The Voters, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics only 1% of new employees are paid the minimum wage after 3 years (2004) and only 4.7% of wage earners were paid the minimum wage in 2012, which is really a “learning” wage.  For married workers only about 2.2% earn the minimum wage or less, not including tips and commissions. Many others paid the minimum wage are high school dropouts (57%) or don’t speak English.

The rules of the game, however, determine the outcome of any contest!

Most people agree no woman’s basketball team can beat the L.A. Lakers. But change just one rule and you’ll get a different outcome: make everyone play in high heels. Imagine 7 foot tall ballplayers in high heels. The rules of politics are 50% + 1 =  100% of the pie  and 50% – 1 = nothing. The notion is that whoever gets the majority of those who vote, should have unlimited power. Translation: We Won! Elections have consequences! Get over it!

San Diego Mayor Filner and NY mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner are not mentioned in  Romancing The Voters, but it is pointed that out no U.S. President has received a majority of the votes from the Voter Eligible Population in the last 100 years.  President Obama got 31% of the votes from those registered to vote. By contrast, Mayor Bob Filner only got 24%.  Look it up at your Registrar of Voters.

The sole reason for raising the Minimum Wage is so labor unions will direct their considerable campaign contributions to politicians who vote for Minimum Wage increases. Many union contracts provide that whenever the minimum wage increases all other wages above it will also increase.  There is no other reason. Every other argument is buffalo chips! Unions give campaign donations to politicians and politicians grant special privileges to unions, via union workers for their votes.  That’s it, period, end of story.  If the United States was a foreign country this would be illegal under the “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act” (15 U.S.C. § 78dd-1, et seq.).    (It would also apply to corporations).

Other things found in Romancing The Voters. How many have heard or read that people demand ever more government programs for which they are unwilling to be taxed? In Romancing the Voters, a study is cited that documents 63% of the requests for more spending, at the federal level anyways, came from government officials.

How many know why America is Rich?

The way the media reports what others say about the growing gap between rich and poor can be explained by analogy.  When Bill Gates walks into a McDonald’s, statistically speaking, everyone present is instantly a billionaire if you average his 67 billion among the others. The media reports the gap between rich and poor by comparing groups or quintiles not comparing individuals. Over a ten-year period over half the people in the lowest quintile move to a higher income quintile and over half those in the top quintile move to a lower quintile and are replaced by others.  There is a lot movement up and down the income ladder as all people can testify from personal experience, from their first job to peak earnings, to retirement.  The way America became rich is through profits that have  been invested in capital goods and equipment making workers able to produce more output for each hour worked.

President Obama, for the second time is asking for a discussion on race.  Let’s acknowledge he leads the Democrat Party which had been racist since inception and for the 200 years it oppressed, suppressed, and murdered so many Blacks that the Ku Klux Klan was indicted by a Grand Jury as the “terrorist” arm of the Democrat Party.  Let’s discuss why Martin Luther King was a Republican! Or, Booker T. Washington, 100 years ago, acknowledging a class of Blacks that make a living from agitating for programs that keep Blacks from progressing —  because it pays!

Sometimes conservatives get so depressed and think things have gotten so bad they want to go home and turn on the gas — what with the universities dominated by liberals, and also the media and Hollywood.  But whatever liberals are doing it is failing.  Liberalism is failing.  For decades now over twice as many people self-report they are conservative as liberal.  In a recent Gallup poll it was 46% to 20%. However, don’t underestimate liberals — their leaders are some of the smartest, most clever manipulators around.   If you want to correct the media’s misinformation and get more political power, Buy Romancing The Voters – After all, knowledge is power!

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