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Tea Party Romancing The Voters

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Romancing the Voters is a series of issues that find their way into the public arena year

after year.

More about the book after something from the Author, Fred Schnaubelt.

Hi,  I’m Fred.

I was born in San Diego and since 21 have struggled to find answers to recurring political

issues. I grew up in Casa de Oro and graduated from Pt. Loma High School in 1958.

Been married 3 times.  I met Dr. Irina Nekolaevna

Antonova in Russia and married her in Moscow in 1987, just before the Soviet Union

collapsed.  I have two adult children.  At my age I’m thinking ahead and want to go

peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather and not screaming like the passengers in his

car.  So I’m sharing nuggets gleaned from researching over 500 books on the most

persuasive responses to some ever current political issues. The issues addressed are

intended to be controversial and hard.  Answers and insight required thousands of hours

of research, ever since I was 21 and first registered to vote.  I need your help in emailing

your comments about my book to your friends and in reaching my publisher’s estimate

of 10,000 sales.

“Romancing” is defined as: telling exaggerated lies, telling an untruth, or pretending with

intent to deceive, frequently done, but not always by politicians. This is an introduction to

the Art of Political Cross-dressing — using your adversaries own words against them in

debate. The issues come fast and furious with little time to think about them.  These

chapters have enough material in them to deliver fifteen 7 to 10 minute talks to your

Toastmasters Club or the basis for 250-500 word Letters to the Editor. First, you’ll

understand, for instance, why some people in local elections can win with only a few

thousand votes of the VEP in a city the size of San Diego, you’ll understand how liberals

and conservatives think differently — which you can use to your advantage. There are

issues that never seem to go away such as gun control, the death penalty, and the “The

Rich Get Richer and Poor Get Poorer.” You will know when the media intentionally or

unintentionally misrepresents data about the gap between rich and poor, and who really

benefits from minimum wage laws. You will learn why speculation and price gouging,

stripped of emotion, are beneficial to society. In addition, you’ll know why Martin Luther

King was a Republican. You will become versed in several “Teachable Moments,” for

family, friends and co-workers. For every Toastmaster and member of the TEA Party this

is a must read!

Do You Know?

No President since 1904 has received a majority of the vote from the Voter Eligible


Why liberals and conservatives think differently?

Newspapers don’t print the truth, they print what people say.

A 2003 study by Scotland Yard noted eight times as many killings by knives as by guns

in England?

In 2007, there were 613 fatal “firearm accidents” in the U.S. This was 0.5% of 123,706

fatal accidents that year?

The Death Penalty is an absolute deterrent to murder?

Why TEA PARTY members are so hated?

Zimbabwe’s government taxes, spends, promises, and prints money in billion-dollar

notes and everyone is a billionaire?

Why America is Rich?

In Reason Magazine Veronique de Rugy shows that of 675,000 millionaires in 1999, only

38,000 remained in 2007?

Why when Bill Gates walks into McDonalds, according to the media everyone present is

statistically billionaire?

A result of raising the “learning wage” – is millions of idle, restless teenagers have lots of

time for mischief.

The price of gasoline “adjusted for inflation” in 1919 was $3.84 per gallon; In 2012, 15

cent less than in 1918?

Why the Democrat Party has been the “party of the rich” for decades?

Why the government’s Bread and Circuses ended in ancient Rome?

How oil speculation benefits you and society as a whole?

Martin Luther King was a Republican and Why.

READ and Learn the Answers