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Need Help On Immigration Issue

California Republican Party, need help on Immigration issue:


TO: Tony Dolz and other California Republicans, I’m willing to learn. I understand the very potent, “What don’t they understand about the word illegal.” However, if there are a limited number of jobs in the economy which illegals take, how has the labor force risen from 51 million workers in 1950 to over 155, million today. Since the BLS reports only 4.7% (1.4% California) of U.S workers earn the minimum wage, typically for less than one year, it’s possible their initial wages are depressed, but logic would indicate the other 95% of 155 million benefit from the lower prices and a higher standard of living than otherwise would be the case. But what gives me the biggest problem since I collect SS is the world birth rate is plummeting at the greatest rate in history and 10,000 baby boomers retire every day in the U.S. according to PEW Research. Since all employers are terrified of the IRS they collect payroll taxes from the overwhelming majority of illegals (other than street corner day-workers). It is reported without the 12 million large-family illegals paying taxes, today’s retirees like me won’t get their Social Security checks for long. Anyone who has persuasive answers – HELP!