Need Help On Immigration Issue

California Republican Party, need help on Immigration issue:


TO: Tony Dolz and other California Republicans, I’m willing to learn. I understand the very potent, “What don’t they understand about the word illegal.” However, if there are a limited number of jobs in the economy which illegals take, how has the labor force risen from 51 million workers in 1950 to over 155, million today. Since the BLS reports only 4.7% (1.4% California) of U.S workers earn the minimum wage, typically for less than one year, it’s possible their initial wages are depressed, but logic would indicate the other 95% of 155 million benefit from the lower prices and a higher standard of living than otherwise would be the case. But what gives me the biggest problem since I collect SS is the world birth rate is plummeting at the greatest rate in history and 10,000 baby boomers retire every day in the U.S. according to PEW Research. Since all employers are terrified of the IRS they collect payroll taxes from the overwhelming majority of illegals (other than street corner day-workers). It is reported without the 12 million large-family illegals paying taxes, today’s retirees like me won’t get their Social Security checks for long. Anyone who has persuasive answers – HELP!

War On Poverty

“The War on Poverty,” has cost $15.9 trillion since its beginning. The total cost of every war in American history, starting with the American Revolution, is $6.4 trillion when adjusted for inflation. Paying for wars makes the dollar decline in value. The majority of tax cuts for the super-rich have gone primarily to Rich Democrats, aka the “Party of the Rich.” Think: Buffet, Gates, Kerry, Ellison, Page, Brin, Gore, Kennedys, the Rockefellers, they’re on Forbes top richest 1%, and 16 of 20 are Democrats.  14,279 people have commented on Romancing The Voters. Have you? Free Chapters & Buy 1 Get 1 Free Christmas Sale


Reprehensible Record

Bob Royden commented
Bob wrote: When You’re the last guy in California to still call Ali, Cassius Clay; YOU may be a Racist. Sorry to be the one to tell you.Bernie Palmatier Right on, Bob, riiiiighhhttt onnnnnn….

Bob Royden & Bernie Palmatier, your despicable Democrat talking points are reprehensible. You picked the wrong person to call a “Racist.” Not only do I have a sister-in-law and brother-in-law that are Black and Hispanic and nieces, but I was the first City Councilman to have a Black Chief of Staff. Additionally, I raised enough money to bring Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams to address the city council. Clarence Pendleton, Chairman of the Civil Rights Commission credited me for his seeing the light and becoming a Republican. You Bob and Bernie, however, “voluntarily” joined the Democrat Party which no one disputes has a record of being the most racist organization in U.S. history, not even including its sub-committee, the Ku Klux Klan and its own despicable record of lynching Blacks.  The Democrat Party may have consigned its own history down the Orwellian memory hole, and you two can run, you can hide, but you cannot escape from your history. (  People interested can find documentation in Romancing The Voters, Chapter 14.

Has the government shut down?

  1. Fred Schnaubelt shared Fox News‘s photo.

How many times has the government shut down in the past? Since 1977, there have been 17 shutdowns, according to the Congressional Research Service.…utdown/2888419/
Dean: Non-budgetary is an interesting parsing of words.
During the Ford and Carter administrations, there were 6 partial government shutdowns that affected only the departments of Labor and Health, Education, and Welfare. These partial shutdowns lasted from 8 to 18 days and the primary issue of dispute was federal funding for abortion.

During the Reagan administration, there were 8 full government shutdowns that lasted only 1 to 3 days apiece, primarily over the issue of the United States budget deficit. There was a similar 4-day shutdown during the first Bush administration.
During the Clinton administration, after conservatives made massive congressional gains in the 1994 Republican Revolution, there were two full government shutdowns lasting 5 and 21 days apiece, the second of which was by far the longest of its kind to that date. The primary issue was again the United States budget deficit.
The United States federal government shutdown of 2013 is ongoing, having begun on 1 October 2013. The primary issue of dispute between the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and the Democrat-controlled Senate (the latter supported by President Obama) is the Republicans’ desire to delay implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

“This Republican shutdown did not have to happen … They’ve shut down the government over an ideological crusade to deny affordable health insurance to millions of Americans. In other words, they demanded ransom just for doing their job.” -President Obama addresses the partial government shutdown in the Rose Garden. Watch his full remarks:


Unconstitutional ?

Dear Editor Union-Tribune (9/23/13)

Jack V. Cohen makes some interesting points under the headline, “Tea Party Strategy is Unconstitutional”  (U-T Letters 9/22/13).  He asseverates “The constitutional process is to elect a majority of representatives who can pass a particular political agenda.”

First, so-called Obamacare has no Constitutional legitimacy. Its 2,700 pages were passed into law with not a single representative having read it.  Recall, Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to pass it to know what’s in it.” Glenn Hubbard & Tim Kane in their new book, Balance, point out the framers did not believe the government had authority to grant rights. They recognized governments incessantly try to curb rights.  Hence, the Bill of Rights misnomer,  which is a series of prohibitions against the government.  The Tea Party is defending the Constitution when few others will do so.

Second, The Congress is out of control borrowing trillions of dollars that are economically impossible to pay back, even by our children and grandchildren, variously estimated at $68 trillion to $200 trillion when fully accounting for the full off-budget items. The Tea Party is yelling, Stop!

Third, The electoral process is broken and gamed by Democrats and Republicans through Gerrymandering, whereby in Elections typically less than 60% of Registered Voters turnout, whereby President Obama only received only 31% approval from those registered to vote (VEP), and where local candidates receive 5% to 27% from those registered to vote.  This can hardly be considered  majority voting.  One Senator represents about 19 million people in California but only 288,000 in Wyoming, which also makes it hard to contend that voting is equal representation or majority vote.  Furthermore, the founders intentionally implanted gridlock, or “checks and balances” in the Constitution in order to “pit ambition against ambition,” with the purpose of intentionally “holding the government hostage,” against unconstitutional misadventures. The Tea party simply is holding politicians to their “Oath of Office.”

Fred Schnaubelt, San Diego



Tea party strategy is unconstitutional, By Jack V. Cohen  (U-T 9/22/13) Tea party members of Congress profess to be loyal Americans who cherish the Constitution. Yet at every turn, a few members of the House of Representatives act in a manner that flies in the face of the very process they profess to cherish.

Tea party members in Congress are so focused on derailing health care reform that they are willing to circumvent the elective process in favor of getting Obamacare anyway they can.

Let’s be clear, health care reform has issues. The constitutional process is to elect a majority of representatives who can pass a particular political agenda. Instead, a few members of Congress are willing to hold the government and citizens hostage to a political ideology.

The governing process is supposed to be adversarial — to a point. When a majority of one political persuasion exists, that majority controls the political agenda. If the opposition is so intent on changing the agenda, then work hard to elect a majority of candidates with a similar view.

Holding the government hostage flies in the face of defending the Constitution. If you want change, do it at the ballot box instead of at the barrel of a political gun.  Jack V. Cohen, San Diego

They Can Preempt The Constitution?

The reason why men enter into society is the preservation of their property” — John Locke, 1632-1704 

In The Great Degeneration, Harvard professor Nial Ferguson, who won an Emmy for his PBS series on the Ascent of Money, writes, “My undergraduate reading at Oxford persuaded me that the real point of English history was to establish three sacred principles.  First, an Englishman’s home is his castle. In the case of Entick v. Carrington, Lord Camden ruled against the government for raiding the home of the radical journalist John Entick.  ‘The great end for which men entered into society was to secure their property,’ declared Camden, quoting John Locke.  ‘By the laws of England, every invasion of private property, be it ever so minute, is a trespass.’ Secondly, do what you like as long as you do no harm.  ‘The privileges of thinking, saying, and doing what we please, and of growing as rich as we can, without any other restrictions, than that by all this we hurt not the public, nor one another, are the glorious privileges of liberty.’ Third, mind your own bloody business.  The taste for making others submit to a way of life, as explained to the French, which one thinks more useful for them than they do themselves, is not a common taste in England.” 1765

All these rights are the pillars of the English rule of law, the products of a slow incremental process of judicial decision-making which have evolved in the courts, since the Magna Carta.

Today, in America, those who call themselves “Environmentalists,” claim rights are what they say they are and they can preempt the Constitution and our Bill of Rights for a higher purpose. A right cannot be a right if it imposes a burden on someone else.   Carl Pope, Chairman of the Sierra Club until November 2011, once told a TV audience on “This Land Is My Land, When you buy land in this country, you buy the right to own it. You don’t buy the right to use it.”

What is your opinion?

Fred Schnaubelt, President, Citizens for Private Property Rights

Why doesn’t Fox remind

When Fox is likened to the Ku Klux Klan why doesn’t Fox report the facts that for 200 years the Democrat Party was the party of racism, segregation and lynchings?  Why doesn’t Fox remind everyone that the Ku Klux Klan was indicted by a Grand Jury as the “terrorist” arm of the Democrat Party, and report it was a Democrat administration that hid a microphone under Martin Luther King’s bed and sent the tapes to his wife?  No wonder MLK was a Republican. Also, about “Who Bombed Little Kids?”  it was Democrats in every case.  Ask Condoleezza Rice her recollection.

C’mon. Stand & Deliver!

August 2, 2013  Rep. Rangel (D-NY): Tea Party Same ‘White Crackers’ Who ‘Bombed Little Kids’ During Civil Rights,   In an interview with the Daily Beast published on Friday, Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) launched into a rant against the Tea Party, terming the movement racist; he added that Republicans are “terrorists.”


Hannity has copies of for sources.

Fred Schnaubelt, Former City Councilman

‘Stand and Deliver’ means you stand up for what you think is right, but fight those that try to put your ideas in the shadows when you deep within know you can help others.

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Monte a young reader wrote Fred: “I’m a proud owner of “Romancing the Voter’s” and am learning a lot about a lot of things by reading it. I was really impressed to learn that you had a conversation with Ronald Reagan and brought Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell to a city council meeting. Good Job Fred and Thank You.” -Monte

Answer to Minimum Wage Strikers

All political power derives from what you can do to or for someone!

Yesterday, supposed Minimum Wage workers conducted “one-day strikes” in 7 cities, primarily at fast food restaurants, i.e., McDonald’s, Burger King, Dominoes, Taco Bell, and stores such as Wal-Mart. The strikers are asking for a doubling of the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $15.00.  The President wants $9.00 per hour, Nancy Pelosi $10.10, Elizabeth Warren $22.00 and New York Labor unions $35.00.

How do you respond to such issues?

You can find the answers in Romancing The Voters, New Talking Points for conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, and TEA Party members. It’s a handbook for those who don’t have time to research political issues in depth and want more political power, to be more influential and more effective in countering much nonsense reported in the media.

“Newspapers don’t  print the truth, they print what people say.” Rick Paddock, L.A. Times 

Last Friday I was approached by a liberal bemoaning the minimum wage.  He was outraged that Wal-Mart does not pay a “living wage.”  I asked him why 3,000 or more people apply for Wal-Mart jobs whenever they open a new store with only 300 positions to fill. In Chicago Wal-Mart received 25,000 applications — prima facie evidence that Wal-Mart is over paying for the jobs it offers.  He said there was a shortage of jobs in the country — as if that was an answer.

How many of you are aware of how few people are paid the minimum wage?

In Romancing The Voters, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics only 1% of new employees are paid the minimum wage after 3 years (2004) and only 4.7% of wage earners were paid the minimum wage in 2012, which is really a “learning” wage.  For married workers only about 2.2% earn the minimum wage or less, not including tips and commissions. Many others paid the minimum wage are high school dropouts (57%) or don’t speak English.

The rules of the game, however, determine the outcome of any contest!

Most people agree no woman’s basketball team can beat the L.A. Lakers. But change just one rule and you’ll get a different outcome: make everyone play in high heels. Imagine 7 foot tall ballplayers in high heels. The rules of politics are 50% + 1 =  100% of the pie  and 50% – 1 = nothing. The notion is that whoever gets the majority of those who vote, should have unlimited power. Translation: We Won! Elections have consequences! Get over it!

San Diego Mayor Filner and NY mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner are not mentioned in  Romancing The Voters, but it is pointed that out no U.S. President has received a majority of the votes from the Voter Eligible Population in the last 100 years.  President Obama got 31% of the votes from those registered to vote. By contrast, Mayor Bob Filner only got 24%.  Look it up at your Registrar of Voters.

The sole reason for raising the Minimum Wage is so labor unions will direct their considerable campaign contributions to politicians who vote for Minimum Wage increases. Many union contracts provide that whenever the minimum wage increases all other wages above it will also increase.  There is no other reason. Every other argument is buffalo chips! Unions give campaign donations to politicians and politicians grant special privileges to unions, via union workers for their votes.  That’s it, period, end of story.  If the United States was a foreign country this would be illegal under the “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act” (15 U.S.C. § 78dd-1, et seq.).    (It would also apply to corporations).

Other things found in Romancing The Voters. How many have heard or read that people demand ever more government programs for which they are unwilling to be taxed? In Romancing the Voters, a study is cited that documents 63% of the requests for more spending, at the federal level anyways, came from government officials.

How many know why America is Rich?

The way the media reports what others say about the growing gap between rich and poor can be explained by analogy.  When Bill Gates walks into a McDonald’s, statistically speaking, everyone present is instantly a billionaire if you average his 67 billion among the others. The media reports the gap between rich and poor by comparing groups or quintiles not comparing individuals. Over a ten-year period over half the people in the lowest quintile move to a higher income quintile and over half those in the top quintile move to a lower quintile and are replaced by others.  There is a lot movement up and down the income ladder as all people can testify from personal experience, from their first job to peak earnings, to retirement.  The way America became rich is through profits that have  been invested in capital goods and equipment making workers able to produce more output for each hour worked.

President Obama, for the second time is asking for a discussion on race.  Let’s acknowledge he leads the Democrat Party which had been racist since inception and for the 200 years it oppressed, suppressed, and murdered so many Blacks that the Ku Klux Klan was indicted by a Grand Jury as the “terrorist” arm of the Democrat Party.  Let’s discuss why Martin Luther King was a Republican! Or, Booker T. Washington, 100 years ago, acknowledging a class of Blacks that make a living from agitating for programs that keep Blacks from progressing —  because it pays!

Sometimes conservatives get so depressed and think things have gotten so bad they want to go home and turn on the gas — what with the universities dominated by liberals, and also the media and Hollywood.  But whatever liberals are doing it is failing.  Liberalism is failing.  For decades now over twice as many people self-report they are conservative as liberal.  In a recent Gallup poll it was 46% to 20%. However, don’t underestimate liberals — their leaders are some of the smartest, most clever manipulators around.   If you want to correct the media’s misinformation and get more political power, Buy Romancing The Voters – After all, knowledge is power!

Digital and paperback at or Amazon.comFrontCoverTeaPartyworld

What they are saying about “Romancing The Voters”

What they are saying about
“Romancing The Voters”


Review by: Darrell Beck :
Every Tea Party member should have a copy of “Romancing the Voters” written by Fred Schnaubelt as reference to historic facts and to avoid being “honeyfuggled” within the world of extreme political chicanery. It answers many questions posed by “progressives” to humiliate and demean patriots who are merely trying to restore our constitutional republic.
Darrell Beck, Ramona Tea’d, member steering committee

Review by: Lawrence Reed :
At a time when common sense seems endangered, along comes Fred Schnaubelt with a book of useful information and rhetorical devices that put common sense back into political debate. If you want to influence others for good or just put the bad guys in their place, get this book and keep it handy.
 -Lawrence W. Reed, President, Foundation for Economic Education (

Review by: Mike McFee :
What an excellent compilation and insightful prose on the current direction of American Politics. Mr. Schnaubelt hit this one out of the park. Truly a great historically relevant guidebook, which should be required reading for EVERY congressman today. As an elected official, I appreciate the elevation of these important issues and the historical basis for his writing. Well done!
-Michael McFee, City Council, Beaufort, SC

Review by: Lynette Williams:
You who read this book already know many of your liberal leaning friends have become oblivious to the outside world because they are preoccupied with their favorite things. They need to be persuaded how to think for themselves, with these new approaches, instead of being indoctrinated by the main stream media. You can be the one who exposes them to economic fallacies and facts that will help turn around their point of view. Romancing the Voters will give you the skills necessary to peg misinformed people the instant you begin a conversation with them.
Read this book with a pencil in hand. Label sentences that stand out on how to respond to a fallacy, hypocrisy, truth, historical fact, common sense, opinion, horrid or whatever label seems right to you. Write a summary of the most meaningful parts of each chapter.
The SECOND time you read the book, develop a color system to highlight statements, such as orange for truths, yellow for exposing fallacies, blue for key facts (such as the last sentence on page 79), green for hypocrisies. Romancing the Voters is going to become one of the most dog-eared books in your library. The knowledge you gain from this brief handbook will change the way you converse about politics. You will make your case more appealing as you develop Ronald Reagan style anecdotes (page 87). You will learn to redefine words liberals use, such as changing ‘minimum wage’ to ‘learning wage’ (page 55). Best of all, you can stop being silent when confronted with issues you are hesitant to defend because you don’t want to make a fool of yourself. With this arsenal of talking points you won’t be at a loss for words anymore!
-Lynette Gain Williams, President, Women Volunteers in Politics, San Diego, CA


Review by: Colin Flaherty :
There are two things you should do with this book: 1) Read it. You will learn something important and something funny. I guarantee it. I got a kick out of this quote: “”If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.” Mark Twain. And 2) Give it as a gift. Even low information voters will get a kick out the in trenches observations that have made Fred Schnaubelt one of the most interesting and distinguished observers and political actors in San Diego. Ever. So get it.
-Colin Flaherty, author, White Girl Bleed A Lot

Review by: Richard Wira :
Romancing the Voters, don’t get Honeyfuggled is a great handbook for Toastmasters with ideas for at least 15 tested talks. Every week Toastmasters are confronted with, ‘What should I talk about?’ This book will stimulate your thought process regarding many of the questions we are facing today. It will give you ample material to draw from and form your own conclusions. It’s a great read because all of the information is out there; we just don’t have the time to look it up for ourselves.”
-Richard Wira, Toastmasters International World Champions of Public Speaking, 2006 Finalist 


Review by: Eric Andersen :
Former San Diego City Councilman Fred Schnaubelt continues to make himself invaluable to the common man. Romancing the Voters is designed to equip and protect us from the false ideas we face regularly from our local politicians. I look forward each month to receiving Fred’s thoughtful economic insights and analysis and value having a more comprehensive compilation of his ideas.
-Eric Andersen, co-founder im2moro (

Review by: Tony Krvaric :
Fred Schnaubelt has done a lot of research, compiling interesting, entertaining, and insightful arguments for Liberty-minded Americans who are constantly under fire from “progressive” elites. This handy compendium of political issues is something that can easily be reviewed before engaging in a discussion. Great for “Teachable Moments.”
-Tony Krvaric, Chairman, Republican Party of San Diego County


Review by: David Bogan :
Thought provoking, rational discussion points defending the views of the “rest of us” who prefer to think on our own and not regurgitate the slanted interpretation in the mainstream media. He points out the morsels of history conveniently forgotten or buried by today’s pundits. Fred intelligently teaches us to look at the actions, not just listen to the words of politicians to understand their true beliefs. He gives us a pleasant, informative guide to navigate the slippery landscapes that are today’s headlines. -David Bogan


Review by: Brian Brady:                                                                             Fred Schnaubelt cuts through the BS and explains the silly side of politics (campaigning) while revealing how dangerous the serious side of politics (governing) is today. He reveals how politicians have figured out how to play “Santa Claus” and “buy” votes by making ridiculous promises. God help us because some of them actually keep those ridiculous promises. A champion of the limited government movement, Fred offers a centuries old remedy for that which ails us— constitutionally constrained government.  This is an easy read. It’s entertaining, each topic is relatively short, and Fred’s writing style is easy to understand. Buy this book.     -Brian Brady
Review by: Priscilla Schreiber:
Fred Schnaubelt, has written a gem of a handbook for those of us who consider ourselves liberty-minded “freedom riders”. His exhaustive research and personal experience in politics gives us a renewed understanding in the art of using political talking points. “Romancing the Voter…” is an engaging twist for disarming our friends who may think differently. Fred’s book is a well chronicled mixture of historical facts and commentaries for such a time as this.  -Priscilla Schreiber

Review by: Jim Elliott :
Fred Schnaubelt’s book should be read by all concerned citizens. I have created millions of political direct mail pieces for candidates of both parties. We need sensible elected officials. Support your candidate…write a check or walk precincts. Better yet run for office. America needs you.
-Jim Elliott, President, Western Graphics, Lemon Grove CA     

Review by: Perry Arden:
Romancing the Voters has actually filled a gap in today’s busy world. Where can you find an easy to read Reader’s Digest type format, that is both sensible, important and funny. Many things can be funny, without making sense. Fred’s booklet has captured it all, for young and old, in a most pleasant way. Sit down in your easy chair, put your feet up and enjoy it!  -Perry Arden San Diego Motel Brokers, Realtors.

Review by: Art Schmitz:
This is a great book and should be required reading by every high school student before graduating. It’s simple enough that even elementary school students would be able to enjoy it.
-Art Schmitz, Citizens For Private Property Rights